52 Lives

Life #11

Request: Help her get to hospital safely

This week, 52 Lives is trying to help a 2 month old baby girl get to hospital safely.

We heard about this little girl from one of the medical professionals who is working with her.

When she was just a few weeks old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastomas on the brain - it is a type of cancer that affects young children.

She is undergoing chemotherapy at the moment, has a line going straight into her arteries for the treatment and has to be tube fed.

Her mum takes her to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for regular treatment, a journey which cannot be made by public transport as she has a low white blood cell count which makes her susceptible to infection.

This is where all of you come in.

The baby's mum is an amazing woman - positive, caring and incredibly strong. But she has very, very little money. She is having to make the regular journey to the hospital by taxi - something she simply cannot afford to do. But, with her daughter's life at stake, she can't afford not to.

52 Lives wants to raise funds to pay for the taxi journeys to the hospital. With the money we raise, we will open a taxi account for the mum with (hopefully) a substantial amount of credit - enough so she doesn't have to worry about it for a while.

The mum is a truly lovely woman who has not asked for any help - in fact, she said 'I'm sure there are needier people than me'. But we want to help her and I hope some of you do as well.

52 Lives is not a charity and we don't normally ask people to give money - we much prefer to simply match people who need help with people who can help. But this week, I'm afraid we can't think of any other way. So we have set-up a fundraising page with GoGetFunding where you can make a donation if you wish. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

What We Did

Green Tomato Cars - London's leading green taxi company offered to match whatever funds we raise, up to £500.

Thank you so much Green Tomato team!

Donations: £545

Green Tomato Cars match funding: £500

Total raised = £1045

Thanks to the 33 kind people who donated, and Green Tomato Cars, we will be able to provide a taxi account with credit of £1045 to the mother and her baby. This will give her many months free from worrying about how she will pay to get her daughter to hospital.

People's generosity has been incredible. Your helped has allowed this young mother to really focus on her unwell baby. She is so very touched that complete strangers would do this for her at such a tough time.