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#109 Tianne

Request: Baby gifts and messages of support

This week, we want to help a 15 year old girl called Tianne. Her baby is due any day now, and she is in need of some help.

Tianne is the youngest of 5 siblings. She has had an abusive home life, and also has additional learning needs. She has struggled with her emotions, and made some bad choices. She was disruptive and aggressive at school, and was expelled from mainstream school. She was also excluded from the pupil referral unit for similar reasons.

Tianne fell pregnant after a short relationship with a teenage boy, who now doesn’t want to be involved. The gravity of her situation has hit home and she is making some drastic changes to her life.

We heard about Tianne from a family nurse who is working with her. She told us that Tianne has coped incredibly well with her pregnancy for someone so young.

“She often attends her midwife and consultant appointments alone – this can intimidate first time parents in their 30’s, let alone a young teenager. However, she has been keen to put her baby first. She stopped smoking and going out with friends and has been focussed on making positive changes to be the best mum she can be. She is having a baby girl.”

Tianne would love to be a midwife, so has now realised just how important her education is. She has started attending a ‘Fresh Start’ course in college as a first step.

As she is under 16, Tianne can't apply for any benefits so she is reliant on her mum. But their relationship has been challenging, and Tianne’s unplanned pregnancy and a recent family bereavement has added even more strain so her mum isn't able to give her much financial or emotional support.

Tianne has made some bad decisions in her life. But she’s so young and has so many challenges still ahead of her. We want to give her and her baby some help, and send her forward in life feeling cared for and supported. 

What We Need

1. Things for her baby - We've set up an Amazon gift list for Tianne. She's chosen a few things she needs, and we've also added gift cards so she can choose a pram and cot. The items will be sent from Amazon directly to Tianne.

2. Messages of support - A few words of encouragement at the right time can make all the difference in the world to someone. To send a little note to Tianne, please click the button below. We will collate the messages (removing your email address) and send them to Tianne.

Buy a Gift

Send a Message

What We Did

- Every single item on the Amazon list was bought within a day, along with £620 in gift cards. And an incredibly generous woman called Carol contacted us offering to buy Tianne a brand new cot and pram!

- We were inundated with beautiful, heartfelt messages from so many people around the world. These have all been printed out and were passed on to Tianne by her health worker (a few little extracts are in the photos below).

- We also received beautiful hand knitted blankets and baby clothes from Christina Nightingale and Jill - thank you to both of you for taking the time to make these special things for her.

Thankyou so much to everyone who shared her story, who offered help or sent a message. Your kindness surrounded her with love and support at such a crucial time in her life, and sometimes that can make all the difference.

A note from Tianne's health worker...

Dear Jaime,

I visited Tianne yesterday and she wanted to send a message of thanks. She said she’s not very good with words, but had a think and then said this…

“Thank you very much for the help and support and getting me the things I needed. It’s much appreciated. I had my baby girl on 1st September and she’s amazing. Thanks to you guys she’s got everything she needs xx”

Thanks so much for changing Tianne's world.