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#108 Anne-Marie and Jason

Request: Donations for driving lessons

This week, we want to help a mother and son from East Riding in need of help.

Anne-Marie is a single mum to Jason, who is 14 years old. Anne-Marie has looked after him on her own for most of her life, as Jason's father left when he was very young.

Jason has autism and attends a special school, about 30 miles from home. It’s such a long way, and Anne-Marie doesn’t know how to drive, so Jason gets picked up and dropped off every day by a council run bus.

Although he can get to school, relying on public transport makes life incredibly difficult for them. Jason can’t do any after school activities or meet up with his school friends, and Anne-Marie finds is very hard to attend any meetings or events at the school. Their options are always limited, and Anne-Marie feels terrible that Jason is missing out on so much by living so far from school.

Anne-Marie would qualify for a mobility allowance, giving her access to a car. And the professionals working closely with the family all believe that Anne-Marie being able to drive would make a very big difference to Jason's life. But she can’t afford to pay for driving lessons, so she has felt stuck in this situation for along time.

Anne-Marie and Jason have faced a lot of challenges together and we would love to do something kind for them. As well as helping them feel supported, it will give them the freedom they desperately need and open up a whole new world for them.

What We Need

1. Donations - to pay for driving lessons. Any funds raised that are above what is needed for the lessons will be used to help pay for activities for Jason and petrol gift cards.


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