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#107 John

Request: Donations / Gift Cards for Food

This week, we want to help an elderly man called John, an ex-serviceman who is in need of some kindness.

A few weeks ago, John was dropped off with the few belongings he has at the Camberley All Night Cafe for the Homeless. It was a few hours before opening time, so John had to wait. He wandered off to try to find some food but became disoriented and fell onto a metal fence, impaling himself on a railing through his jaw and face. John was given CPR and rushed to hospital, where he has been recovering for several weeks.

But John is about to be released from hospital with nowhere to go.

He was previously put into a privatised specialist care home primarily for people with dementia. For many reasons, it wasn't a suitable environment for John and he was discharged. He then went to stay in a cheap hotel using what savings he had.

The team at the All Night Cafe are involved in helping to find John accommodation - they are hoping to find him a room in a house where he will feel safe and able to settle. Somewhere where he'll get the care and practical support he needs. But John also needs help with funds. His pension will cover his rent, but he needs money to get him started - for a deposit, first month's rent, and some essentials.

Social services are also involved in trying to help John, but it all takes time and the Homeless Cafe have been told that local authorities are still discussing how and who will be able to accept John into their care procedures at the moment. But John needs some support right now.

What We Need

1. Donations - To help John find suitable accommodation and cover his costs. Any funds raised above what is needed will go towards John's on-going living expenses. (All donations will be given by 52 Lives to the All Night Cafe to use specifically for John. So 100% of what you give will go directly to helping him). This week, for the first time ever, you can donate directly on the 52 Lives website.

2. Tesco Gift Cards - If you would prefer to buy a gift card for John, please do so by clicking the link below. Gift Cards should be sent to: 52 Lives (Life 107), PO Box 329, Hampton, TW12 9DF. E-gift cards can be emailed to jaime@52-lives.org.

2. Support for the All Night Cafe for the Homeless - This organisation is doing some wonderful work. If you would like to do something to help them directly, this is what they need: Mature volunteers, sleeping bags, padded roll mats, longlife milk, loo rolls, kitchen towels and all kinds of cleaning products. To contact them about volunteering, please visit www.camberleyallnightcafe.co.uk or to donate an item they need, please post or drop off to: (DAYTIME) 6 Kings Ride, Camberley, GU15 4HN or (NIGHTTIME) 4th Camberley Scout Hall, 270 London Road, Camberley, GU15 3JP. Please call the cafe on 07919424886 before dropping off in person.

Make a Donation


Buy A Tesco Gift Card

(Please send gift cards to Jaime Thurston, 52 Lives - Life 107, PO Box, 329, Hampton, TW12 9DF)