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#106 James

Request: Sensory toys

This week, we want to try to help a little boy called James from Derbyshire, who is getting a bit frustrated and overwhelmed and sometimes puts himself in danger.

James has a developmental delay, and is currently non-verbal. His mum, Vicki, said it means that his behaviour can be extremely unpredictable and they struggle to take him out in public. James loves to climb, jump and throw himself down. He can climb baby gates (they have to use 2 at a time) and they have to watch him at all times. 

Their house is quite small, but has a basement room that opens out into a garden. They have been trying for a long to to make this a lovely, safe space for James, where he can burn off his energy and also have somewhere to calm down. They have been raising money for repairs and for soft flooring for the room, but once that is completed, all they will be left with is a blank empty room.

Vicki told me she often feels awful as a parent, as doesn't feel like she can provide the things James needs. We want to help this family fill James’s room with toys and sensory equipment - bubble lights and beanbags to help him calm down, as well as toys and sensory puzzles and activities to keep him busy when he's full of energy.

What We Need

1. Sensory toys and play equipment for James - We have worked with James's mum to set up an Amazon wishlist with the things he needs. To buy something for James, please click on the link below. The gifts will be sent directly to James at home.

Buy a Gift

What We Did

Kind strangers bought all 50 items from the Amazon wishlist, as well as £260 in gift cards. So James will finally have the sensory room that he desperately needs. This was the view in their living room after the first batch of Amazon parcels had arrived!

And the finished room!

"We are extremely grateful to you and everyone else who has sent gifts and messages of support - they are beautiful! James is so happy. What the 52 Lives followers have helped us achieve we will never forget. I hope we can help change someone's life in the future."

James's mum