52 Lives

#102 Zoe

Request: Things for her flat

This week, we want to help a young woman in need of some support.

Since her early teens, Zoe has suffered from severe anxiety - largely the result of emotional abuse by her stepfather. She struggled at secondary school, and had severe panic attacks that resulted in blackouts and fits. In the end, she missed over a year of school. But she managed to gain a place in an education unit where she had one to one support, and completed her GCSE's. She enrolled in college, but her anxiety overwhelmed her again and she dropped out.

Then, two years ago, Zoe gave birth to a little girl. This gave her the incentive she needed to get better and she worked so hard to overcome her anxiety. She's now going to college one day a week, gaining hairdressing qualifications and has even come off her medication.

But just as one part of her life was going well, the other fell apart.  Zoe’s relationship with her partner broke down earlier this year, and he became violent. Zoe and her daughter are away from him now and starting afresh in a new home. But they are starting with virtually nothing.

Zoe has been through so much in her life, and has shown so much bravery in the face of some harrowing situations. She needs some kindness in her life.

With your help, we want to give her and her little girl a wonderful fresh start. 

What We Need

1. Things for her flat - We asked Zoe to create an Amazon wishlist filled with the things that her and her daughter need. These items will be delivered straight to her from Amazon. To buy a gift from the list, please click the link below. There are some larger items on the list, so we also added some £10 gift cards that could be put towards them if they aren't bought.

Buy a Gift

What We Did

In just days, nearly every item had been bought from their Amazon wishist - OVER 120 GIFTS, including almost £600 in gift cards! Their little empty flat is now starting to feel like home, and Zoe is so grateful, and completely stunned, by your kindness.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped. Zoe has had a very difficult life but now feels supported, and ready to face the world again. And that's not just because of some new furniture in her home - it's the fact that all of you kind people bought it for her, without ever even having met her.