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Request: Tickets to a show or a holiday

In December 2013, 52 Lives was contacted by a family friend of Claire Ollier, an 8 year old girl who lives in Queensland Australia. Claire was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive brain tumour in September.

This little girl had been through 7 hours of brain surgery, and was having radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Claire's mum and dad were obviously devastated.

Their friends and family have been trying to raise money to help and one friend, Julie Stevens, thought the newly formed 52 Lives community might be able to do something for Claire.

52 lives published its inaugral request for help on Facebook, which was read by more than a thousand people in just a few days.

If you would like to help Claire further, please contact 52 Lives or visit The Claire Ollier Appeal Facebook page www.facebook.com/theclaireollierappeal

What's needed: Tickets to a show or a holiday

Thanks to the kindness of many strangers, Claire received the following offers of help.

1. Tickets for her family to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Brisbane - thanks to Inga and the team at QPAC and the producer of the show.

2. A VIP day for Claire and her family at Underwater World in Mooloolaba. Thanks to Underwater World and Merlin's Magic Wand.

3. A beautiful party dress to wear to the theatre, thanks to Gaynor at Sunny Coast Kidswear

4. A mother and daughter pamper session and photo shoot, thanks to Princess Tiara

"Wow! Thank you so much.
We were delighted you chose Claire to support for the week.
Claire was very excited. We are so appreciative.
What a wonderful initiative. You have made a little girl very happy."

Lynette and Robert Ollier