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#9 Vulnerable mums

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Gala Bingo...12 Days of Christmas Kindness Campaign

Today, we are spreading some Christmas kindness to a group of vulnerable young mums in West London.

We heard about some amazing health workers in Hounslow who were trying to throw a Christmas party for some teenage mums in their care. These young women have very little support from family or friends and are mostly fending for themselves. The Christmas party being organised by their health workers will be, for most of them, the only Christmas celebration they have this year.

Every parent should be able to enjoy Christmas with their child, and we want to ensure that every single one of these mums has an amazing Christmas celebration, and has a present to give their child on Christmas Day. 

52 Lives and GalaBingo.com have bought every child a Christmas present. These gifts will be given to the mums so they can have the joy of giving it to their child themselves.

We wish them all a very Happy Christmas!