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#8 Teens with cancer

Request: Christmas gifts

Gala Bingo...12 Days of Christmas Kindness Campaign

Today we would like to help two amazing young people who are trying to spread some kindness this Christmas.

Evie and her little brother Oliver have been through a lot in their life. Evie was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma at just 8 years of age and has spent years of her life in and out of hospital, some of it in isolation. Her little brother Oliver donated his bone marrow and T-cells to help save her life. He was just five years old when he did this. He admitted he was scared but said he was proud to be able to help his big sister get better. Oliver’s kind act helped to save Evie’s life.

Evie is now 12 years old and is doing so well. But Evie and her family wanted to do something for other young people who are having Christmas in hospital this year. In previous years, they have helped to collect toys for the children at Royal Marsden Hospital, and Evie noticed that a lot of the toys and gifts being donated were for younger children, with very little being given for the teenagers. So this year so her family decided to do something about it. They have been fundraising to buy a whole range of Christmas gifts for teenagers.

We think what Evie and her family are trying to do is incredible, and we are going to help make their wish come true. 52 Lives and GalaBingo.com is buying all of the gifts on their teenage wishlist, so this lovely family can spread some kindness to teenagers facing a tough time this Christmas.