52 Lives

#46 Liam

Request: Physiotherapy

Christmas 2020

Today, we are spreading some Christmas kindness to a 58 year old man called Liam, who has Multiple Sclerosis. His condition has progressed to the point where he can no longer use his wheelchair. He needs to be able to use the pressure of his limbs or head in order for it move, but he has a lot of stiffness and pain in his muscles so can’t do that properly at the moment. He feels he has lost his last bit of independence.

It’s been a difficult year. Liam is cared for by his wife, Laura. The home they rent isn’t at all suitable for Liam’s needs – they are still awaiting a hoist, so Laura has to transfer him on her own, and Liam can’t even bathe properly.

The medical professional working with Liam said a burst of physiotherapy would help to realign him and reduce his pain, so he could use his wheelchair again. Unfortunately at this stage of his illness, Liam wouldn’t be eligible for intensive rehabilitation on the NHS.

With funds raised by Gala Bingo, we are going to help Liam get the extra physiotherapy he needs to improve his quality of life.