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#41 Children with Batten

Request: Support for families

This week, with funds raised by Gala Bingo we're helping 20 families who have a child with a rare terminal illness called Batten disease. One of the families we're helping has been living without a cooker....another is a single mum trying to care for a terminally ill child and a toddler on her own.

Children with Battens gradually lose the ability to walk, talk, see and eat and rarely live past their teenage years. The lockdown has made life a lot harder for families caring for a child with this disease and we wanted to do something.

So we're helping to provide these 20 families with some essential items they need, as well as some toys and sensory equipment to make this time a bit more fun for the children and their siblings.

We hope it makes life a little bit easier for these families.

Thank you to the Batten Disease Family Association for helping us reach the families most in need of help.