52 Lives

#40 The Newman family

Request: Support with living costs

December 2019

Today, we’re helping a family struck by a terrible tragedy.

Amanda Newman has 4 children. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in June, had a radical hysterectomy in July and began radiotherapy and chemotherapy in September. One week into her treatment, her husband, Matt, had a heart attack and sadly died. It was on their son’s 18th birthday.

The Newman family have always been such a strong part of their community, devoting themselves to helping others.

They have been left in a state of shock, grieving, and in need of help. In Amanda’s own words, losing Matt has completely broken them. And not only are they struggling to deal with the pain of that loss, they are also now struggling financially.
With funds raised by Gala Bingo, we will be helping to cover some of the family’s food and heating bills, and have also bought Christmas gifts for all the children. When we asked how we could help, Amanda's focus was 100% on the children, but we will also be doing something special for her as well. We hope it helps to make life a little bit easier for them at such a difficult time.