52 Lives

#39 Brogan

Request: Funds for Special Olympics trip

December 2019

Today, we want to do something special for a 20 year old man from Plymouth called Brogan.

Brogan has special needs and autism. He has been through some difficult times during the past few years, but he is an incredibly kind man who does anything and everything he can to help people.

Brogan has been chosen to play bowls as part of the Special Olympics Team for Plymouth, and has been working so hard to try to raised funds for the trip – not just for his own place, but for anyone else who can’t afford to go.

When we heard about Brogan we wanted to help. So with funds raised by Gala Bingo, we are paying for the cost of the trip both for Brogan and for his sister, who cares for him. We’ve also sent him a brand new pair of bowling shoes and some other treats for Christmas. We wish him the best of luck and hope he brings home Gold!