52 Lives

#37 Jemily

Request: Tickets

December 2019

Today, we’re doing something kind for a 35 year old woman from Surrey called Jemily who has terminal cancer.

Jemily suffers from a rare form of cancer called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. It affects around 2 in a million people and is known as ‘Jelly Belly.’ A cancerous jelly fills the abdomen and sticks itself to organs.

Jemily has undergone surgeries and treatment for years, but sadly there is now nothing else that can be done.

She has a daughter aged 10 and is cared for by her husband Tim. It is such a difficult time for all of them and we’d like to do something to help.

With funds raised by Gala Bingo, we’re doing what we can to help this family make the most of the time they have together by providing some special outings, tickets and passes they requested. We hope it helps to bring them some happy times and are sending them all our love this Christmas.