52 Lives

#33 Harley

Request: Living expenses

December 2019

Today, we’re helping a young family from Wigan, who have a seriously ill newborn baby girl.

After Harley was born, her mum was concerned about her breathing. After multiple visits to the hospital, they discovered she has a hole in her heart and will need surgery. On top of this, Harley also has fluid on her lungs and various other complications, and recently fell into a coma. She was transferred to a hospital further away from home, so her parents are now staying in Ronald McDonald House.

Her mum and dad have their own struggles, and the financial pressure of being away from home is adding to their worries.

We’d love to make this difficult time a little bit easier for them. And so with funds raised by Gala Bingo, we are helping to cover some living expenses for them. We hope it means they can focus on their baby girl without having to worry about anything else for a little while.