52 Lives

#25 Ollie and Amelia

Request: Monitor

December 2018

Today, we are helping 2 young children, Ollie and Amelia - a brother a sister who both have Batten disease. It is degenerative, so children with Battens eventually lose the ability to walk, talk, see and eat. 

Ollie and Amelia, and their parents, have been through a lot recently, and we wanted to do something to help. Their mum, Lucy, was finding it difficult to drive with the children – there was a constant worry that one of the children might have a seizure or stop breathing while she couldn’t see them. So, we have bought Ollie and Amelia a special monitor that can be used in the car to make sure they’re safe. We hope will help to keep the children safe, and we wish the whole family a very Merry Christmas.


"Thank you so much - it will change our lives!! We appreciate this so much, thank you xx" 

~Ollie and Amelia's mum~