52 Lives

#22 Tyler

Request: A hot tub

We want to help change the life of a 14 year old boy from Preston who has a muscle wasting disease.
Tyler has duchene muscular dystrophy. His muscles are getting weaker by the day, and it is severely affecting his mobility. Tyler tries to walk as much as he can, but is having to use a wheelchair now at school –which he hates.
He can walk, but it takes him a long time and it’s very painful. Hydrotherapy helps Tyler so much by relaxing his muscles and easing his pain. But hydro sessions are expensive and so Tyler isn’t able to have it as often as he needs.
We want to make sure Tyler gets all the hydrotherapy he needs, so with the help of Gala Bingo, we’re surprising Tyler with his very own hot tub!
We really hope it helps to him to feel a lot better, inside and out.