52 Lives

#15 Cole

Request: Hot tub for hydrotherapy

12 Days of Christmas Kindness...

Today, 52 Lives and Gala Bingo want to make life a little bit better for a young boy with a fatal illness.

Cole from Rotherham was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was just five-years-old. He is in pain every single day.

Cole’s mum, Kerry, said teachers at Cole’s Primary School noticed some issues with his communication and behavioural development. He would often walk on his tiptoes, was always a little slower when running and took longer completing physical tasks, and had very muscular calves. So he was referred to doctors in 2014, but it took over a year of tests to get a final diagnosis.

Cole will lose the ability to walk, feed himself and, eventually, to breathe. There is no treatment or cure. Cole has hydrotherapy at a local pool once a week, which helps his muscles to soften and relax. It relieves his pain for a short time, and benefits him so much.

We want help relieve this little boy’s pain, and make him as comfortable as he can be. So 52 Lives and Gala Bingo are very pleased to be able to buy Cole an extra special Christmas present – we will be buying Cole a hot tub so he can have hydrotherapy at home anytime he likes. We wish Cole and his family a very Happy Christmas.