52 Lives

#13 Kersty

Request: Gifts and zoo tickets


Today, with the help of Gala Bingo, we would like to do something to help a 32 year old mum of 4, who sadly has a terminal illness.

Kersty is a military wife, and has been married to her partner Bob for 11 years. Three years ago Kersty was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had chemo and radiotherapy, which was successful. But in June of this year, Kersty received devastating news. Her cancer had come back and was terminal. She had to have major surgery, more treatment and has lost the use of her legs.

Kersty and Bob have four beautiful daughters, aged 4, 7, 10 and 13, who are now having to come to terms with the idea of losing their mum.

Nothing we do can change what this family is going through, but we hope that a little bit of kindness might help them all feel supported and loved at such a difficult time. 52 Lives and Gala Bingo will be helping to buy special Christmas gifts for all of the children, and fulfilling their wish to visit Edinburgh Zoo. 

We wish them all a Happy Christmas and send them all our love