52 Lives

#1 Rose & Emily

Request: A trip to Harry Potter World

This month, Gala is delighted to be able to help twin girls from Scotland, Rose and Emily.

Rose and Emily were born with feotal alcohol syndrome, a physical and mental condition caused by drinking during pregnancy. It can cause problems with neurological development, abnormal growth, and characteristic facial features.

Rose and Emily are now teenagers and have been in foster care for 8 years. They suffer from many of the effects associated with the syndrome, such as small stature,cleft palate, hearing loss, dental abnormalities, poor eyesight and sleep problems. On top of this, they have learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

Their foster mum said they struggle with everyday normality, and are having difficulties socially, as they are sometimes teased at school for their appearance. It’s heartbreaking. She said they are lovely girls who work so hard to overcome the challenges, but many people are simply not aware of the daily struggles people with fatal alcohol syndrome face.

The girl’s social worker agreed that a treat would give them a much-needed boost and help them to feel special.

What We're Doing

Rose and Emily are big Harry Potter fans and it has been their dream to visit Harry Potter World in London. But with other foster children to care for as well, it is a big expense and may not have been possible for their foster parents. But thanks to the generous support of the Gala Bingo players, we will be flying them to London and arranging family tickets to Harry Potter World. We are so happy to be able to fulfil their dream and give them the special weekend away they deserve.